Saturday, September 25, 2004

Ceramics Begin

Well the ceramics brief was chosen (no thanks to me) Im so crap generally at everything, especially speaking in groups ...oh well.

I feel bad for the others who had picked different briefs as their favorite because some of them (well most of them) seemed to present their idea as opposed to presenting "why this brief is good". I have no idea how they came up with ideas so quick, but they shouldnt have gone so far without knowing which one we were properly doing.

Anyway Ill have to abandon any ceramics thinking today as Im finishing off my summer work at the uni, when I say finishing off I mean of course changing the bits the "steering group" didnt like... hmpf... no comment. At least Im gonna get payed for it, and rightly so, the way I work Ive already discovered Im going to have to do alot of things all over again!

Damn my wrecklessness with files ;)


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