Monday, October 18, 2004

so what about the game idea

Maby that whole idea could be changed to a sculptural thing, same mix and match parts idea but with sculptural pieces? Like really posh lego. Im starting to think of things like russian dolls, like a sort of adult toy... though I used to love them when I was little.

etc.etc. thats the idea... its about creating shapes that have universal connectors, shapes that can be rapidly prototyped, in a game trady way.

I said that about the game idea in an earlier post. How about creating shapes where you can still see the low polygonness... as a feature, ceramics and models of game like characters (in life) are usually created smooth and seamless. not at all like how you create a model in a computer, its all about lines and verteces and unsmoothmess... You have to create low polygon shapes in games to keep the games running fast... They're just textured really well. wouldnt it be funny to see a plate from a game rendered in life... it would look stupid...

hmmm... thinking

how about finding small pieces of "ceremic information" in games... plates mugs... machinery... anything then reproducing that information in a life model. So someone will have created a little model of something unimportant in a game (as perhaps ceramic is unimportant in life) that is supposed to look like it was made out of ceramic... mimicking the real world (poorly?). So then take that model (or rather create one like it) and reproduce the product again in life, as though say a ceramic plate never existed in life and all youve got to go on is the game model.

granted game models are getting alot better nowadays.. but lets see what happens :)


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