Friday, October 29, 2004

this sucks

too many thoughts not enough substance.

god im not having a good time with this whole ceramic thing... all my past ideas this idea, there either good ideas but irrelevant to ceramics or stupid ideas that involve ceramic.

I just wanna do something interesting.

Note to self:- mixing "art" with games in my opinion NEVER WORKS!

I should either pick an arty route with substance behind the idea or pick a weak idea that is a least interesting to me.

ideas suck. i just wanna make something, do something, i hate this thinking of ideas thing, ive never been good at it, i just feel like im waisting my time thinking i should be doing. but then again whats the point of making something if theres no point.

Note to self:- bring back mmorpg, remove ceramic life, stupid mengbo.


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