Sunday, January 16, 2005

my very first mutator...

(makes you wanna weep dont it)

How twas done...
* create the directory mutHelloWorld/ and MutHelloWorld/classes (in unreal tournament base directory)
* created the file HelloWorld.uc in MutHelloWorld/classes using notepad.

class HelloWorld extends Mutator;

function PostBeginPlay()
Super.PostBeginPlay(); // Run the super class function (Mutator.PostBeginPlay).
Log("Hello World"); // Write our log message

* change the UnrealTournament.ini file (in the system folder) to include EditPackages=MutHelloWorld (after the last EditPackages entry)
* use command prompt (cd C:\GAMES\UNREAL~1\SYSTEM) and compile you script by typing ucc make
* New file is created MutHelloWorld.u
* Create file in system folder

HelloWorld,Description="Hello World Example")

and that as they say is that, however this process is different for UT2003 and UT2004. A few minuites ago I ordered UT2004 for (god bless them) so that I could have the bestest version of UT instead of the old version.
I dunno any excuse... I can almost hear my mum, you should be workin not playin!

oh yeah I almost forgot to say what this "mutator" does... start the game (enter a session) then turn the exciting game back off again, go into the system directoy and open the unrealtournament.log and there for all to see are the words

ScriptLog: Add mutator muthelloworld.helloworld
ScriptLog: Hello World

wow... i can barely contain my excitement.


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