Sunday, April 17, 2005

I have been generally thinking about "Earth art" recently. Art that can be viewed from above the earth. I started looking at Tom Van Sant and Pierre Comte (thanks to Iman and his endless library of books for that). But moved to may others Christo Vladimiroff Javacheff being my fave (though Comte's work is more relevant to me)

I think its relevant to what Im doing. and its perhaps their art contains that extra thing that I felt was lacking in GPS art, physically affecting the thing that your mapping/tracking. Jen Southern drew a plane in the air using a GPS device, what if that was done over a huge field with a bucket of weed killer dripping from the plane? ignoring the fact that you kill lots of stuff and be dangerous, It would be a record of your prescence and the places you went and it would be there for everyone to see.

Though generally people cant see large images on the ground, they can only be viewed in God mode. Hej Gud! (Lisa Jevbratt)

When I was little me and my cousins went into next doors garden, the house was being sold and no one lived there. The grass was waist high (to 7 year olds) and we decided to create a crop circle. It was so much fun to make and thinking of people being able to see it from there upstairs windows and thinking aliens had landed pleased us.

(our was just like this... 5 billions times smaller... and only 1 circle)

(What if with Christians Nolds GPS walk thing you could take a few cans of spray paint with you and monitor your red to green stress levels whiole you walked, you could spray massive red x's on the ground.)

Anyway, to the point god mode, seen from an impossible perspective (unless you happen to have a satellite or be in unreal editing a stupid map). Doing to the earth what has been done to unreal?

man-made "earth art" I came across. I could spend all day on google maps, just looking at stuff.


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