Sunday, April 03, 2005

okay making my life easier is always a good thing.

I cant be arsed changing the original mutator code to output maxscript, and I also cant be arsed making processing do something it really hates and Im not even going to talk about getting max/msp to do this so open Word!

yes Word has saved the day with nifty find and replace code.

find this -
ScriptLog: movingxloc =

replace with this -
)^l(^lb = box()^lb.height = 100^lb.width = 100^lb.length = 100^lb.pos.x =

woohoo maxscript heaven!

b = box()
b.height = 100
b.width = 100
b.length = 100
b.pos.x = 11424.00
b.pos.y = -3776.00
b.pos.z = -484.00

and then to run...

interesting but not quite... ive gone back to my original idea by the way of recreating the level. because i liked it even if no-body else did, and Im genuinely interested in seeing what happens.


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