Thursday, March 03, 2005

okay just talked to tom betts.
this is getting heavey, I dont think Ive ever failed to think of an idea before or to see a progressable area of a project.
But everything I think of just dosnt grip me.

No-one seems to understand that this project is really tight, and not at all open. Its so specific its making my head bleed.

Tom gave me some really interesting ideas, but unfortunately many of them I had thought of myself. I'm getting to the stage now where I just cant think of anything else and none of it for some reason seems to me to be worthwhile. Its all either been done before or is (what Im seein as pointless).

What is the point of taking one kind of data and representing it in another form?
unless I can get past this question Im not going to be able to progress. If its just a technology project about shifting data from one thing to another then that I can do. In fact... maby I should go ahead and do that.

Ignore the point and conceptual side and just shift stuff about to see what happens. You know what... that sounds like a plan, and it would certainly fix my headache over the whys.

excellent. I feel better already, right lets go shift some stuff about, perhaps I could take my points image and make it officially 2d (saving the image out of processing) maby I could then open it in max (msp) and like do something else with it... eventually then making it 3D again.

okay so that sounded sarcastic but it genuinely wasnt supposed to be, if this project is about taking data and turning it into something else (without a real point), then thats what I shall do!

great back to the tom betts talk, I can now see the light. shifting data about, is the point. he had some ideas for me that im going to think about... but I rekon ive just thought of a few things now too.

woohoo! america fuck yeah


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