Thursday, March 03, 2005

a thinking post... feel free to diregard.

okay I've been looking at what to do with statistics, and other (what can be considered) statistical based artworks. But alot of what I'm seeing is kinda boring, whats the point of simply visualising statistics? you have graphs for that.

I've also been looking alot at other peoples (statistical based) mods. But again its always something without any point like... you get fatter if your doing better, you get bigger tires if your doing better, you get more adrenaline the more you kill... etc. etc.

balls go up in relation to stock.

always if your doing better stuff gets better or bigger for you... if your doing badly stuff get smaller. (like visualisations of wealth of countries)

I had this idea about buildings and if physical space could be affected by sucess. like if your in a building with lots of offices, perhaps the most productive person could have a bigger office...

its all about positive feedback... unreal tournament will output your statistics to a sort of global league table. its always about being the best in games like this. (you actually start to feel angry and annoyed if you keep dying). even in rpg like galaxies you get punished if you die... whats the point

whys death and doing badly such a big deal, why get punished for being a poor player, theyre the people who need the most help... your always considered weak if you have to play on an easy level.

not that I want to do a project about this or anything, just thinking about it.

any way yes back to the point. galaxies.
forces real life world statistics on a game... reliance on your trade to earn money, reliance on others to provide you with the things you need, reliance on charity if you have nothing...

Ive been trying to think of how game statistics can be used to effect rl in a big way (the same way that physics has become such a core to 3D games, surely gravity things hitting each other and interacting the same way as in rl dosnt have to be applied to games when they have no real physical reason to be bound by it.) very basic early games (Im thinking early games, perhaps a few mame ones) were much more abstract.

I bought Iman a copy of painkiller yesterday and when he was playing it he went into somesort of god type special move and eveything went crazy on the screen he could move anywhere, colours went crazy, he could walk through people. another game that has a similar crayness is eternal darkness, when you become insane you get some non-imitating world typr stuff going on.

anyway this is all bollocks. thinking about stuff. this post is way too long.


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