Friday, February 11, 2005


Went to the media centre last night to see the Jens and sodaplay. I really liked the work the Jens had done together and it is very relevant to what Im doing, got me thinking on a few new things.

I tried this crossfire in black n white because at one point last night I saw a picture of where people had walked in the snow and it reminded me of my points. Also I liked when Jen was talking about how with a gps device you always start off in the centre of the screen and though you obviously making points in space, theres no information about where you are in the world (if you get me?). I though that I've kinda done backwards GPS, Ive taken the worldly information away to ensure that Im left with just a load of points, that could technically be anything.

Anyway, I'm sure all these musing are going somewhere... I'm just not sure where.


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