Tuesday, January 25, 2005


I succesfully made my log file do this!

ScriptLog: spawn = 1
ScriptLog: 10209.40
ScriptLog: 823.98
ScriptLog: -2342.13
ScriptLog: spawn = 2
ScriptLog: -3441.08
ScriptLog: -1272.47
ScriptLog: -2340.89
ScriptLog: spawn = 3
ScriptLog: -3622.92
ScriptLog: 1206.14
ScriptLog: -2341.39
ScriptLog: spawn = 4
ScriptLog: 10113.85
ScriptLog: -1097.91
ScriptLog: -2341.12
ScriptLog: spawn = 5
ScriptLog: -3391.96
ScriptLog: 956.43
ScriptLog: -2341.05

and etc. Everytime a player spawns it says which spawn number it is (there so it nicely seperates everyone) and then tells you the co-ords of where it spawned X,Y then Z.

The code looks pants... but Its taken a long time to get this far. I have had to read all sorts of confusing nasty stuff, so here for your enjoyment is der code.

class playerlocation extends mutator;

var() int counter;

event PreBeginPlay()

function ModifyPlayer(Pawn Other)

Log( "spawn = " $ counter);



FriendlyName="Spawn Points"
Description="please tell me whither I spawn"

WooHoo! now hopefully the hardest bridge has been crossed (as far as the UnrealScript side of things goes) and once I get It to tell me locations of everyone every few ticks, then weve just got to figure out how some other equally as difficult code type program is gonna read it and make sense of it.


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