Saturday, January 22, 2005

well, Ive been doing lots of project thinking and the like. And heres what I got so far.

When people are playing a game their little characters are constantly colliding with the level (that way they dont fall through). So If I can get unreal to output a text file (or write in its little log file) and write to it say every half second, telling it the xyz of the "actors" collision with the map (remembering that mid-jump there would be no collision).

Then take that information and from it re-create the map thats being played.

But why? I hear myself cry. Well, the game and indeed the maps are very goal orientated, so alot of the level is never even touched during regular game play. So you wouldnt end up with a copy of the original map, you'd end up with some new level created from the most popular areas of the original. Also it would be interesting to see the difference in the generated map, if the same original map was played twice, perhaps by different kinds of players (godlike and otherwise).


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just saw this:

GAUGE is a study Group of faculty, staff, and students interested in determining the extent to which we can find multidisciplinary, Alternative Uses for Game Engines.

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