Thursday, January 20, 2005

well, UT2004 arrived yesterday. Looks good. I have just attempted to install it on a uni computer with partial success. The editor works and I can run all the files except the all important UT2004.exe. Stupid thing thinks I didnt give it a correct CD key, I gave it a perfectly valid CD key but apparently (as my account is unable to edit the registry) It cant remember. Im also not sure if these computers have the most recent directx on them, but I didnt even bother trying to install that.

On an "i need to remember this note", UT2004 (scripting) dosnt require you to create the .int file after compiling you script, you simply type these two lines in the command window

ucc dumpint MutHelloWorld.u
ucc exportcache MutHelloWorld.u

This will create a .int file and a .ucl file (UT2004 needs both).

Oh yeah, you needed to add something like this to the ass of your script too.

FriendlyName="Regeneration Plus"
Description="All players regenerate health to super health limits."


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