Monday, February 21, 2005

Had a fabulous chat with "the guru" today (or Rob as he's more commonly known). I'm thinking theres still hope in the whole positiony unreal thing (though perhaps less positiony and more other stats from the gameplay).

I thought about atlas's and how they always contain a few pages of statistical data about the world before they show you the actual maps... interesting as alot of the data can directly relate to the unreal world... population (increase and decrease), surface area (?), annual wage (fph as in frags per hour), and etc

I think there is something that can be done... I just dont quite know what. I like that the data from the game can become more statistical (less positional), but eternally the issue of what to do with it occurs.

virtual... representation of real...
different, though everything virtual has been based on something that was originaly real... hasnt it?

maby I could go and frag a few people in the street and therefore "evert" the virtual and turn the world inside out... then again, maby not...

having said that though there are days (after I've been playing GTA alot) when the compulsion to drive the nearest parked car to wherever I'm going is oddly compelling.


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