Sunday, February 20, 2005

okay, this project is getting to the point where it's actually depressing me. I dont like it, what I'm doing just is boring and crap. So I'm gonna start again, think of something new, a completely other direction.

I dont know whats its gonna be but something not related to "GPS" or anykind of position data, because its just not a subject that I like. Funnily enough when I decided to find the position of players in Unreal I didnt see it as being gps related, I just saw it as being data and numbers related.

But in retrospect it cant not be gps and also in retrospect the data collected (X,Y,Z positions) forces you to create a position related project, the data is just too focused.

I really prefer my projects to be far more open so I can do whatever I want, I just dont have enough control over what I'm doing right now. So it out.

End of. New project being thought up... I'm thinking colours, illustration, photography. But mainly colours, I just like making pretty things. and if theres one thing I havent been doing recently its thinking about making pretty things, its all a bit too black and white round here...


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