Thursday, June 16, 2005

Its always the same... no posts for ages then 5 turn up all at once. I made this a while ago, and Im sure its important to my project I just dont know how yet.

When you treat a CD badly sometimes It'll get to the point where its wont install anymore. This happened with my copy of Mafia, but I wouldnt take no for an answer and used a vicious method of forcing it to install whatever it could, allowing files to be there that were corrupted or simply empty.

Well god knows how, but the game believed it had installed itself properly... it however forget one important bundle, the textures and I love it for it, especially as I have all the save games and can play all the movies like this.

Enjoy, my god its beautiful. (and I'm not talking about the preloader)

Thinking a pleasentville type unreal game... cept textures rather than colours (where the abscence of textures will be the goal)


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