Saturday, August 13, 2005

Well the exhibition happened. heres a few pics

just beginning...

oooo.... both together

my trusty laptop was a trooper.

piccys on wall

I was surprised at how many people came!

I was surprised how many people couldnt see the faces in the pictures! Its lucky I left my mini laptop screen in view cuz everyone seemed to see the face when I pointed in its general direction...

I thought they were pretty obvious

though maby thats because Ive been staring at them for weeks!

and finally a funny picture of general amazement or most probably (and more likely) confusion (I dont think Id fully explained it to them when the picture was taken)

heres a link to Imans flickr thingy with more pictures of the show (lots of other peoples work on there, definately worth a look)

so yeah thats it Im knackered... and weve got to take everything down on Monday, ah well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not smiling! Exhibition was great loved your art work.

B & J

10:30 pm  
Blogger Alison said...

why thank you ;)

7:58 am  
Anonymous dd said...

beautiful! great stuff. when is your work coming to California? That's the curse of the internet--so close and yet so far away!

10:40 pm  

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