Sunday, January 22, 2006

Well, I got the FACT thing!

Im now officially an "artist".

Which means from now on Ill be busying myself full-time with the ways of the game... and how to use games as tools. (which is handy as thats what my last project was about, mwa ha ha ha)

my proposal was called
"Interactive Sculpture, exploring the territory between live information visualisation, feedback and non persistent participation within a exhibition space and game environment."

long title huh...

I got a new account which will hopefully accumulate lots of links related to my research.

Oh yeah I also might be doing an Mphil in Huddersfield uni, which'll be nice. Oh and Ive also got a few exhibitions up my sleeves. I'll obviously post something about them if and when they happen.

well thats all for now.


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