Thursday, April 21, 2005

Had a fabulous talk with Tom today.
Lots of good ideas came up he showed me this...


which is of course beautiful... hopefully my 3D model will look just like this! Its printing as we speak (well maby not right now) I'm picking it up tomorrow though!

Anyway, that wasnt the fabulous idea, we were talking about how I wanted to map these points on the earth (or at least visualising them in real space) and I was saying how I could only see doing it in a "2D" way (so ignoring the z data) because building something was just impossible with my megre budget (I had imagined a sort of childs playground with the wooden stumps that you can jump across), however Tom had the fabulous (and cheaper, therefore doable) idea of helium balloons!

I can create these points relatively easily using balloons.

You would endup interacting with these navagation point balloons very differently to how the points were created, to interact in the same way you would have to walk over the balloons (if you get me... Im so excited!).


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