Friday, June 24, 2005

Just incase your not too clear how bot pathing works... you give them a rough estimate of what is a "good way" to utilise the level (usually paths will lead to guns and ammo etc), then you let them play, obviously they have minds of their own and make descisions on where to walk based on things like who shooting them at the time, they do however remember the paths are there and try to follow them roughly.

You might have noticed that the "godlike" bots felt freer to deviate from the paths than the novice bots... which I think is really interesting and something that wouldnt have been discovered had they not been leaving breadcrumbs as they walk.

My bot pathing pic

meant to say that each of the games that created the images above were played by bots only, I spectated... each match was 30 mins long (initially there were only 15 players, in the end I think there were 25)

bot pathing... hmmm interesting, ideas forming, come my pretties come.


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