Saturday, July 30, 2005

I knew this would happen... Ive been putting off using the get pixel of the original file for this very reason!

first of all get pixel then using that colour in postscript sucks! I cant even be bothered explaining how long it took to make the damn thing work. and the issues I faced with it, just know im using the old processing not the new one... and that reference dosnt exist anymore... (, is always my friend), and that at one point I was creating my own conversion function from a packed colour value to hex to rgb all by myself... it really sucked. (I was also trying to split a 32bit int into bytes so that I could seperate the rgb values), In the end I found the correct way of doing it.

how am I supposed to know what little inbuilt functions are called! red (c); $%#*^$%#&£%^("$#354^$&!!!!

and also why the hell does it unpack the colour thing into floats!!!! theyre whole numbers! (yes,yes, im sure theres a very good reason, well guess what Im a beginner and I like things to make sense.)

anyhoo, for Tom and Andy here it is, the get pixel picture... and it sucks.

my whole project sucks.
screw the colour.


Blogger Iman said...

Don't forget your illustrations were picked to be in the colour book!

also your February, Blog Post

11:55 pm  
Anonymous andy said...

a bit belated... but i really like the quality of this picture, for what its worth.

12:35 pm  
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