Saturday, July 23, 2005

Spoke to Andy yesterday. Was good. He noticed my cheating with the pictures, in that I'd had to shop them to refine the colours. I fully intend for my little code to be able to colour them accuratley by itself but here and now I needed a quick fix for printing.

So yeah my live working code is developing and after talking with Andy he agreed with my idea of disguising the level (making it look more like a propergame of Unreal) so as to increase peoples surprise that the bots are drawing faces. (he also reminded me of something Id forgotton to do, so for future setting up AI spots for bots to act a certain way would be interesting).

He liked my analogy of the bots being my little apprentices (like ages ago when artists would have aprentices who would pretty much paint the whole thing under the supervision of the master who would then sign it and get the credit).

He also like the finding faces in odd places thing (like seeing jesus in a tortilla) which is called pareidolia!

He also gave good advice about the essays which Im going to follow in time for my Derek meeting and liked the idea of me creating a sort of "how to" UT book with important program quirks and how to's (not tutorials!).


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