Friday, July 08, 2005

well, interesting discoveries today.

Firstly I thought the bots would have quite a bit of random behaviour built-in. Apparently theyre not as random as I thought.

Secondly I believed that different bots would act differently, perhaps one would have a tendancy to always go left... etc.
Aparently not.

Finally I thought that if the player start pointed in a certain direction then the bots would tend to go that way, over other ways.

I created a map which would give the bots choises of which way to go. These pictures were drawn by the bots each bot played for 10 min by themselves.




all of them overlayed onto the map and path options. The red dot indicates the direction the player start was pointing-

So what does this mean? right now I have no idea.
they prefer making left turns?
when theres no-one to kill they doont go backwards or right?

oh by the way incase your wondering at the end of the paths I placed a lava volume so that they would die and spaw again in the middle.

One theory I had was that they move towards action, so when they can see themselves floating into the air after death (right after they re-spawn) they run towards it thinking theres people to kill in that direction.

Though that still dosnt really explain why they all went the same direction initially.


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