Tuesday, July 26, 2005

proof! if proof were needed that the damn log file does not read in orderly fashion but takes from whatever bot it chooses.

I went to the trouble of writing rediculous amounts of extra code so that
1. Processing would know how many bots were playing
2. it would create seperate arrays for the positions of those bots (assuming of course that the log file would stick to an order)

so in this case every 20th position would be the same bot, yeah right. If this picture represents the same bot then im a legoman.
bear in mind here that from one point to another represents 1 second!

I knew it was random but I dont know... I thought something great would happen, the picture looks kinda nice but... I dont see no face in there.

besides the picture below looks better and more interesting, the straight lines make it more non-computery... if you get me.


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