Friday, November 05, 2004

Went to see Vito Acconci today. I really liked listening to him talk about his work. He went through alot of his work since like the beginning.

With his later work, the more architectury stuff, I liked what he was saying about public and private spaces. I was thinking about multiplayer games where your alone in your own private space (in life) but your interacting in a public space (in pute), a space which itself is split into private groups, like all public space is. He said that ideally (with public space architecture) the space should liberate people. I think its difficult to "act yourself"/"be libeated" in any public space... unless your tricked into thinking your by yourself (or that your familiar private group is by itself)

With his earlier stuff, the conceptual art stuff. I liked how he was talking about taking a neutral space and filling it with person. I also really liked one of his early, more performance art type things. Where he would stand in an old pier from 1 in the morning to 2 and if you went there to see him he would tell you something that he would never usually reveal. Giving the person there in a way a form of "ammunition" against him. Proper bribing material. I definately like works in general that focus on the person, whoever it is. I for one have a billion things that if revealed would destroy me. I enjoy seeing and hearing other peoples secrets, that way I dont feel so bad about myself.

Anyway, liking all these thoughts, he said a lot more stuff but these were the most relevant to me... other than all that stuff about looking at things from the outside, twisting stuff round etc.

Oh yeah I loved his "ground zero" building.


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