Monday, March 20, 2006

well, Saturday (Sat 1st April) is the start of a mini exhibition of mine and a few other peoples.

The show is in the Victoria Baths in Manchester (which is a fabulous place, that should be visited before its restoration anyway!).

Its on Saturday 5-8pm
Sunday 12-4pm
Then Mon-Thur 5-8pm

To be honest I dont know all that much about the other artists work, but this website ( Interval )should be updated soon with more info.

What of mine is going to be there? Well, what I reckon will be the final incantation of unrealArt, which I have decided to call "A little Unreal".
Its the same idea as the original UnrealArt except the installation will not show Unreal Tournament (the game) being played, you'll simply hear it (quietly). The main focus will be the slow but steady portraits draw from the gameplay.

As I dont intend to continue on with the UnrealArt project after this, Im thinking of making all my UnrealArt prints available to buy online, just for a print onto semi-gloss paper, as lots of people seem to want a copy. So hopefully that system will be up and running after the show.

p.s. this last picture is to remind you that the pictures dont come out ready made... the very slowly reveal themselves.


Anonymous Pelham p.carter[at] said...

I've just stumbled across your unrealart site whilst doing some research and its been very impressive. I didn't realise you could get that sort of image out of a game like unreal.

The watcher mutator has been a great help to. I've been looking for a way to get the x,y and Z co-ordinates out of the game but I'd been struggling. Programming, or indeed any code is a bit beyond me at the moment. So I'd like to say thanks...and cheekily ask for a little help...

I'd like to use the watcher mutator and processing to create images of the paths people take in spatial cognition experiments, using UT2004. But I'm having trouble getting it all to work together. Would I be able to contact you further about this?

Thanks again!

2:49 pm  

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