Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Im going to have to write all this down or I will forget all of it.

I was working today on a way for UT to accept input from processing.
I completely failed when I was thinking about it like that, but obviously the keyboard will send information to whoevers listening (both processing and unreal).

So what I had to do was to make UT understand that a certain key had been pressed and do something about it.
This was difficult, I found numerous things online to help, me but it took forever for me to get it all together.

So for the benefit of anyone whos interested.
Here is a link to the files, drop them in your UT2004 system folder and you will be able to access the mutator from within the game its called "interaction creator"

When the mutator is running it will tell you via the text chat area which key youve just pressed and released.

It was made by following these very clever (but hard to follow for a beginner) semi-tutorial thingys.
So thank you someone called Will for helping me inadvertantly.

I am now working on making UT act upon certain key presses and make things move.


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