Wednesday, May 03, 2006

scuse the absence Ive been busy.

Im currently writing a paper for the people at Ylem.
About my project (but secretly about "art games" and what I think about the whole thing).
Im also working on some physical computing stuff with processing (for those crazy FACT people)... which should be on here at some point.

I also have to properly think about this whole mphil/phd thing... as in Im doing one and I need supervisors.
so if any of you happen to be in the field of AI, games, art, or copyright law then feel free to contact me and be my supervisor (or even just advisor!). There might be a free trip to Huddersfield in it for you.

What else am I up to... thats about it. oh yeah, got to go to the tip and finally be rid of my old desk.


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