Monday, May 22, 2006

much has happened since my last posts.

Firstly I have fully decided on what Im going to do for FACT.
UT will be played by the bots as usual, their positions will be logged and sent to a "dance floor" a real life one. 6 by 6 (cuz I cant afford more).

This is the processing pic of essentially the top down view of the dancefloor.

So yeah, people will be able to walk over the floor and where they walk the bots beneath them will die.
Its kinda like a really advanced version of whack attack (or similar games)

To make the cull in Unreal I had to write a new mutator that would accept 36 different (6 by 6) keypresses and drop a kill volume on top of anyones head in the correct vacinity.

okay, so I know I havent explained this well. But it will all make sense soon...

Here is a link to the processing code (its overly complex at the mo because Im going to need to do some madness to it a little later on... the live reading of the game)

Here is a link to me asking for help on the Unreal script forums... (Ill include the actual finished mutator and stuff in good time)


Blogger RobotAcid said...

Don't know if you you already know about this but at University of East London we have some friends in Prague that we have internet conferences with using MARCEL. They run courses in Prague called Transistor that I attended last year (I went for the motion capture module where they showed some UT stuff they had put motion capture into and some polarized 3D glasses stuff done with a couple of projectors).

They're having a conference soon and the conference will be in the Unreal Tournament environment. Neat huh? There's some suggestion that the moderator will be able to frag guests.

I imagine if you contacted them and mention John Holder and Aaron Steed at UEL you might be able to find out more.

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