Monday, November 29, 2004

bear with me these are "thinking" posts, and are probably best ignored.

okay, its all getting very "earthy" around my idea recently, what with archeology musings and great big rocks. It was funny when I look at the picture below (the monolith) I think my god, that looks just like that monolith from that game. (insert own monolith and game, theres plenty out there.. Im personally thinking of the multi-standing stones from alone in the dark).

Its also getting a bit ritualistic too, I was thinking of Presenjits ceramic house idea (or as I like to think of it "earth" house) and would love nothing more that to create my own hole in the ground, line it with clay and then set it to burn like some massive kiln. Perhaps dancing around the smoke at night holiding a burning torch. Sooo "The Comic Strip presents... Summer School". (By the way if anyone but me on this earth watched the comic stip presents episodes and couldnt believe how mind-blowing they were feel free to contact me. ((especially if you have copies of them on tape)))

anyway errr... back to the point, the idea. oohhh maby I could fashion a level out of earth and then clay burn the insides, whilst simultaneously creating a massisve rock monolith (in the shape of the negative space I just burnt) next door, or perhaps miles away perfectly aligned scarily to the stars.

okay okay, too much caffine, not enough sleep. Im gonna stop writing before I say something really stupid, I get far too excited about things like this, Im off to think in private.


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