Thursday, June 15, 2006

just to prove this UDP thing works...
One computer playing UT is sending info to my computer. (this processing script is printing everything the computer is recieving)

The thing is this all wont work on one computer... if I run unreal and processing on the same computer it dosnt work?
I think it has something to do with UDP and having to travel over a network, and not working locally...

p.s. It look like Im going to be doing a workshop in Manchester for the Futuresonic festival. The workshop is about game modding (and in theory will be using this whole UDP thing). Handily I wont be doing it alone, it will be a joint thing with Tom Betts.
Out of interest it will be a 3 day thing,
1st day - UnrealEditor, and creating your own maps
2nd day - Getting game data out of Unreal and to PD (maby processing too)
3rd day - Making something with it (something noisy)


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