Friday, December 16, 2005

the bat is done, now for the ball...

I was going to make a pong game... but decided the necessary second player would make it too difficult so instead Im going to attempt to make something like arkanoid!


we need a bat, that listens to insructions, lets make it move with mouse control not keys! (I have been having crap results with key movement)

we need a ball, that hits the bat the walls and the blocks, where it hits the bat should inform the direction and speed that it travels... and obviously if it dosnt hit the bat you die.

for now lets just concentrate on that, a good slick bat hitting a ball around a room!

the bat class will draw the bat (obviously) but its also going to draw two mini-bats either end of the main bat that are the same colour as the background so that there is no need for a "screen refresh" after every move...

I can see the ball being the tricky part Im no very good at maths and making the ball bounce back at angles will be... painfull

Saturday, December 03, 2005

I did it, heres the processing postscript code classed up.
Classes are getting easier, or perhaps Im getting sloppier. Whatever my code is now slightly more understandable!

This is the static version, not the live one.