Wednesday, September 29, 2004

A bit of thinking
the book - Ceramics, Materials for inspirational design

traditional... turner prize... grayson perry


reading the book... thinking... from your own dicipline
own... discipline...

lets look at this logically, what is your discipline (or rather what do you want to be your discipline), it is 3D and games... or just games... or 3D games

How in the name of all thats holy can you bring ceramics into games, be they either computer games or "manual" games (those played sans computer).

Kay well instantly Im so not interested in "manual" games, I instantly thought of a sort of cup and ball game thing for Speke Hall or something. So were definately looking at computer games... how can ceramics enhance a computer games (other than some kind or super heat reducing processor thing).

Perhaps some kind of input device... you know like a joystick.. except cooler :)

Product possibilities... engaging with a craft material... its just been discovered what can you do with it in the games field... or can you transfer techniques of game creation into ceramics.

Well at least Ive severely narrowed the brief down by specifying "games" within it.

explore and exploit the application and aesthetic of ceramics.

well, weve got as far as an input device (no, NOT a mouse... I can hear you all thinking out there). Interacting with games... perrhaps also with 3D applications? Perhaps feeling a real material will alter how you model... okay that sounded a bit sick but perhaps theres something to it.

I refer you to my
food blog (where I list my food intake) so that you may understand my thinking this evening (alcohol is included in the list of food).

some product fulfil a need others create one... where is the market for your product.

Cant really think of that till we have an idea.

dont dismiss "manual" games
in put device... different textures (not just plastic)
youve completely ignored illustration! 3D illustration... too boring
hit a ceramic plate game gets easier

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

2nd week

Found some good stuff on ceramics. Have a great book. Thinking about the project plan I have to do for tuesday.. just a plan of my time but still got to plan it well.

Started learning Max/MSP I like it, seems easy enough (so far) though Im about to hit the brick wall of midi and notes and stuff. Hope it goes well, have a version of the program at home now so can mess about at home :)

Oh yeah I forgot, we had our digital technologies lesson thingy last week. That was fun too I liked solid works.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Ceramics Begin

Well the ceramics brief was chosen (no thanks to me) Im so crap generally at everything, especially speaking in groups ...oh well.

I feel bad for the others who had picked different briefs as their favorite because some of them (well most of them) seemed to present their idea as opposed to presenting "why this brief is good". I have no idea how they came up with ideas so quick, but they shouldnt have gone so far without knowing which one we were properly doing.

Anyway Ill have to abandon any ceramics thinking today as Im finishing off my summer work at the uni, when I say finishing off I mean of course changing the bits the "steering group" didnt like... hmpf... no comment. At least Im gonna get payed for it, and rightly so, the way I work Ive already discovered Im going to have to do alot of things all over again!

Damn my wrecklessness with files ;)

Thursday, September 23, 2004


Well I spent a good deal of last night thinking about what Im going to say and writing it down. Consequentially I havent done any kind of visual side for the presentation. I wish this was called a talk or a chat as the word presentation makes me uneasy. I strongly dislike speaking or presenting infront of a large group. Im so tired as well, it feels like Ive already been on the course for a lifetime. At least the morning session should be okay... digital technologies.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Choosing the Project

Today we had an introduction into our digital technologies module. It seemed okay. More importantly however we looked at all of the RSA Design briefs and as a series of small groups selected our "favorite". Our group picked Global Interactivity because we figured it had the widest options for everybody, a very fair descision. However its seems eveyone elses groups went for the ones they liked the most and so by some kind of default the Ceramic Futures and the Oral Healthcare briefs (my favorites) ended up discounted. Thankfully however we are doing a presentation about which brief we (as one person) want to do.

Im going with ceramics probably because I have more chance people agreeing with me than with the whole toothbrush thing. Im gonna have to think of a good way of presenting it though... need people on my side.