Monday, February 28, 2005

This is probably a game of about 15 min which will probably playback in about 5. Its an assault thats why why a goal is completed theres a sudden shift in the spawn points of the players.

I cant say how long its taken to actually script this bitch. yeah, the code looks simple now but getting it to work in a loop was a pain in the arse.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Okay so this dosnt have anything to do with my project but Im all excited to do some 3D thats going to be used by a company.

Looks like those animation tutorials are paying off already...

(The car is jacked up by the bag)

I hate the way models look great in grey!It makes picking other textures and colours hideous.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Had a fabulous chat with "the guru" today (or Rob as he's more commonly known). I'm thinking theres still hope in the whole positiony unreal thing (though perhaps less positiony and more other stats from the gameplay).

I thought about atlas's and how they always contain a few pages of statistical data about the world before they show you the actual maps... interesting as alot of the data can directly relate to the unreal world... population (increase and decrease), surface area (?), annual wage (fph as in frags per hour), and etc

I think there is something that can be done... I just dont quite know what. I like that the data from the game can become more statistical (less positional), but eternally the issue of what to do with it occurs.

virtual... representation of real...
different, though everything virtual has been based on something that was originaly real... hasnt it?

maby I could go and frag a few people in the street and therefore "evert" the virtual and turn the world inside out... then again, maby not...

having said that though there are days (after I've been playing GTA alot) when the compulsion to drive the nearest parked car to wherever I'm going is oddly compelling.


some colours though very similar just work better... bad colour, good colour.
I'm thinking collections as a complex system, specifically my collection of images, why are only certain images picked... its all about colour, the endless search for good colour (and a good subject)... colour as a complex system (for illustration)

contrast (lots of!),

and not quite as importantly

subject (to have colour)
meaning (of colours)
point (of colours)

taking collection out of pute, releasing colours to the world, hideous unnatural computer colours, perfect colours, studio colours...

Im gonna have to think about this some more... and fast!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

okay, this project is getting to the point where it's actually depressing me. I dont like it, what I'm doing just is boring and crap. So I'm gonna start again, think of something new, a completely other direction.

I dont know whats its gonna be but something not related to "GPS" or anykind of position data, because its just not a subject that I like. Funnily enough when I decided to find the position of players in Unreal I didnt see it as being gps related, I just saw it as being data and numbers related.

But in retrospect it cant not be gps and also in retrospect the data collected (X,Y,Z positions) forces you to create a position related project, the data is just too focused.

I really prefer my projects to be far more open so I can do whatever I want, I just dont have enough control over what I'm doing right now. So it out.

End of. New project being thought up... I'm thinking colours, illustration, photography. But mainly colours, I just like making pretty things. and if theres one thing I havent been doing recently its thinking about making pretty things, its all a bit too black and white round here...

Thursday, February 17, 2005

I'm gonna have to put this link here otherwise I'll forget it by Tuesday. For those interested a really great UnrealEd tutorial site.
Make sure you start from the basics though! You young scallywags!

Hope that helps a few of those interested.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Ive wanted this for a long time. But I always thought it wouldn't live up to my expectations. I was wrong, check out every track on the album here.

I never knew "music" could be this... this... fabulous!

God bless Shatner

Friday, February 11, 2005


Went to the media centre last night to see the Jens and sodaplay. I really liked the work the Jens had done together and it is very relevant to what Im doing, got me thinking on a few new things.

I tried this crossfire in black n white because at one point last night I saw a picture of where people had walked in the snow and it reminded me of my points. Also I liked when Jen was talking about how with a gps device you always start off in the centre of the screen and though you obviously making points in space, theres no information about where you are in the world (if you get me?). I though that I've kinda done backwards GPS, Ive taken the worldly information away to ensure that Im left with just a load of points, that could technically be anything.

Anyway, I'm sure all these musing are going somewhere... I'm just not sure where.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Still doing the animation and not much else, stupid thing. Went on an image downloading fest last night, got some rediculously high quality images of various celebrities. Apparently alltogether theres 7039 pictures (though I stress thats not just last night thats like over a year or 2).

I'd love to post a few here but I'm pretty sure it would infringe all sorts of copyright stupidness, and besides y'all might not like the same images I do. So here some boring picture of a lego woman on fire (nearly) and a game of onslaught.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Had a fairly relaxing weekend. If you call decorating the bathroom relaxing. Today I focused my efforts on the lego animation thing...

Gone has the "lets make it look designery and minimal" phase, and entered has the "what the hell" phase.

"It dosnt matter if the texture looks all stretched and crap, Its supposed to be funny" or at least thats what I keep telling myself.

I know I said I'd put some pictures of different kinds of unreal game on here, but well I only played it once this weekend, and guess what its another capture the flag! (grassy knoll). I'm going to try an assault with the mutator soon, when I get a chance (still thinking about pretty interesting things to do with all this stuff).