Wednesday, April 27, 2005

3D model - printed
balloons - bought
string - bought
helium - on its way
posters - printed

report - being written
presentation slides - lets skip that one
what im going to say -lets skip that one too
sketchbook ready for hand-in - ermmm...

door - locked
gas - off
computer - hot
weapon - ready
red bull - finished

Alison - edgy

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

well, the 3D print isnt ready... apparently they ran out of 3D printy material... and the helium shop in town hires helium not sells it.

not doing very well am I.

Im going to have to buy helium off the internet and hope it arrives by like Friday... and hope the 3D printy people get there arses in gear... mines next apparently. (though I now believe nothing they say) I was originally going to be ready last Tuesday.


Monday, April 25, 2005

my google map

it dosnt quite work properly in that when you press + it minus's and when you press - it plus's.

But what the hell Im knackered and cant be arsed fixing it...
I was going to fake it to look just like google too, but I'll do that tomorrow.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Had a fabulous talk with Tom today.
Lots of good ideas came up he showed me this...


which is of course beautiful... hopefully my 3D model will look just like this! Its printing as we speak (well maby not right now) I'm picking it up tomorrow though!

Anyway, that wasnt the fabulous idea, we were talking about how I wanted to map these points on the earth (or at least visualising them in real space) and I was saying how I could only see doing it in a "2D" way (so ignoring the z data) because building something was just impossible with my megre budget (I had imagined a sort of childs playground with the wooden stumps that you can jump across), however Tom had the fabulous (and cheaper, therefore doable) idea of helium balloons!

I can create these points relatively easily using balloons.

You would endup interacting with these navagation point balloons very differently to how the points were created, to interact in the same way you would have to walk over the balloons (if you get me... Im so excited!).

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

how to destroy the earth I remember looking at this towards the beginning of this project and being really interested by it, but not knowing how it fit into my plan. so I forgot about it, untill now.

I have pretty much desroyed the "world"/terra firma in unreal. by making track markings of where the players had been.

so by trying to preserve something, and keep a track of somehthing, you actually end up destroying the original something (or at least drastically altering it). See weed-killer plane idea below.

alot of "earth art/environmental art" is often seen as an environmental disaster. though it isnt necessarily, (please read christo and jeanne-claude's common errors interesting that they say there art is to be viewed from the ground not the sky)

interesant, non?

Sunday, April 17, 2005

I have been generally thinking about "Earth art" recently. Art that can be viewed from above the earth. I started looking at Tom Van Sant and Pierre Comte (thanks to Iman and his endless library of books for that). But moved to may others Christo Vladimiroff Javacheff being my fave (though Comte's work is more relevant to me)

I think its relevant to what Im doing. and its perhaps their art contains that extra thing that I felt was lacking in GPS art, physically affecting the thing that your mapping/tracking. Jen Southern drew a plane in the air using a GPS device, what if that was done over a huge field with a bucket of weed killer dripping from the plane? ignoring the fact that you kill lots of stuff and be dangerous, It would be a record of your prescence and the places you went and it would be there for everyone to see.

Though generally people cant see large images on the ground, they can only be viewed in God mode. Hej Gud! (Lisa Jevbratt)

When I was little me and my cousins went into next doors garden, the house was being sold and no one lived there. The grass was waist high (to 7 year olds) and we decided to create a crop circle. It was so much fun to make and thinking of people being able to see it from there upstairs windows and thinking aliens had landed pleased us.

(our was just like this... 5 billions times smaller... and only 1 circle)

(What if with Christians Nolds GPS walk thing you could take a few cans of spray paint with you and monitor your red to green stress levels whiole you walked, you could spray massive red x's on the ground.)

Anyway, to the point god mode, seen from an impossible perspective (unless you happen to have a satellite or be in unreal editing a stupid map). Doing to the earth what has been done to unreal?

man-made "earth art" I came across. I could spend all day on google maps, just looking at stuff.

I cant handle damn pixel art. I hate it.

Everything is way too small and hurts my eyes, and its never about printing, I like printing stuff!
stupid mobile phones not having big screens.

Anyway I gave that a rest today and did some project work, which was good and fun to think about, I started making a real life model!

Then it got difficult to deal with lots of semi-wet pva glue, so I gave it a rest for the evening and did an illustration to clear my brain.

brain purge complete.

p.s. this was done quickly so pardon stray vectors

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

speaking to Jodie yesterday and remembered this

The one I saw like this was on the floor and called Disco Floor_Bootleg:16 by Angela Bulloch. (I version is pretty much the same in looks and I think is called z-point pixel cubes).

Good for jodie with the light, good for me with the blocks.

However just for jodie "The British Artist Angela Bulloch creates a modular light mixing system that allows 1.6 million colours to be mixed from fluorescent tubes of red, green and blue."

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

okay... big blog shift happening (though the blog itself isnt moving, just all the images).

So if you happen upon here and theres no pics showing... or indeed anything showing. you can assume I've failed and chuckle quietly to yourself at my expense.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

mwahahaha ha

the blocks have done it! (well a few of them anyway)

the blocks' power focuses upon unworthy geometry

one more time I dare you, just give me a reason...

arrr me hearties... arrr

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

arrr me hearties... arrr

Sunday, April 03, 2005

okay making my life easier is always a good thing.

I cant be arsed changing the original mutator code to output maxscript, and I also cant be arsed making processing do something it really hates and Im not even going to talk about getting max/msp to do this so open Word!

yes Word has saved the day with nifty find and replace code.

find this -
ScriptLog: movingxloc =

replace with this -
)^l(^lb = box()^lb.height = 100^lb.width = 100^lb.length = 100^lb.pos.x =

woohoo maxscript heaven!

b = box()
b.height = 100
b.width = 100
b.length = 100
b.pos.x = 11424.00
b.pos.y = -3776.00
b.pos.z = -484.00

and then to run...

interesting but not quite... ive gone back to my original idea by the way of recreating the level. because i liked it even if no-body else did, and Im genuinely interested in seeing what happens.